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Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am Manoj Madhavan a digital marketing consultant from Mumbai in India. 

Who is Manoj Madhavan?

In Short:

Digital marketing consultant lives near Mumbai in India. Working in software technology, digital media and digital marketing since the year 2000. Since 2016 started my digital marketing agency and digital web academy “DigitalBabu”. I love to network, meet entrepreneurs, learn and share with them, record interviews. Talk, write and share about software & technology, digital media, digital marketing. I am foody and loves cooking. I am also working on social media for business as a startup entrepreneur.

I have launched websites dedicated to digital media for digital agencies and for engineering companies & manufacturing companies.

In Detail:

I am a Mechanical engineer, started my software career with AutoCAD programming in 2000 and creating a few websites in HTML. Then it has been a great initial journey in delivering highly challenging projects in desktop, web & mobile with tight delivery schedules for international clients.

Worked on great software available today like pointools, estimation for engineering drawings, automation tools for IntelliCAD, protecting drawing information are a few in CAD software development projects handled.

Since 2004 web and internet was evolving and websites and digital advertising were on its boom in India, I was been part of the project involved in using cloud storage and centralised database systems. Later had the opportunity in working with a few digital agencies. One is the largest agency group with 137 agencies under it. As a senior project manager and later as the technical director.

Handling marketing and advertising campaign creatives and technology related projects for international e-commerce brands and well-established startups in the hotel, restaurant and business listing.

Have been active hands-on with IAB standards, social media marketing and search engine marketing techniques handling landing pages, websites, posting on social media as per schedule. Monitoring and implementing marketing strategy as planned.

Things have changed with my Age.

A lot has changed with my age, I have seen a lot of changes, new technologies had launched and they just disappeared like the pager, cd player, walkman and more.

Some technologies like cloud, search engine, social media, online advertising, digital marketing, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), web and the mobile development with business intelligence (BI) were few which has improved since their entry.

Search engines and social media has evolved since the early days. Search engine optimization used to be just adding meta, description and title tags in HTML. Building backlinks from other websites. Posting information which others would like and share.

But today things have changed with search engine bots getting updated and smarter with new AI tools. So managing search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) needs experts. Making changes from time to time.

Social media has been the most used website with the large audience giving birth to social media marketing (SMM).

What am I currently doing?

Since 2017 April, I have started on my own providing services as the search engine marketing consultant and social media marketing consultant for small business.

I speak and blog about digital marketing, search engine, social media, SEO, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, internet of things.

I run an academy for design, development and marketing courses for students, professionals, startup entrepreneur and small business owners. Help them to use internet marketing and social media marketing to gain organic traffic.

Co-owner of DigitalBabu: A growth hacking marketing agency and digital web academy for design, development, marketing and advertisement courses.

Building a platform for Digital agencies to showcase their work and post vacancies related to digital job openings in their agency to provide a single platform solution to advertise and market their work.

Also building a platform for engineering sector to showcase, publish and help engineering companies with digital marketing, posting job vacancies for engineering job openings and Events related to engineering and manufacturing sector.

How can I be of your help?

As a business consultant and digital marketing consultant, I can help you with growing your business by implementing and improving productivity using latest technologies, AI, BI and IoT. Advertise and market your company, product and services using search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

I regularly provide workshops and conducting training sessions online for digital marketing courses and latest technologies released or updated from time to time. Speak at startup events and mentor startups helping them to achieve and build successful businesses.