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How to grow your career in marketing

Do you want a better career in marketing?

I can hear “YES”, Ok lets start.
Today I meet a person in traditional marketing and he was little concern about. “How things are going digital. Digital marketing is the buzzword I hear regularly. How can I have a better career in marketing”

A lot of fresh MBA graduates and marketing professionals like you are looking for a better career in marketing. I am addressing the question “How can i have a better career in marketing” in here.

Digital India, India towards e-growth.

Digital India is growing at a rapid pace, in 2000 only 0.5% of Indias where able to access the internet. We used to check and send emails from the cyber cafe. I hope you remember it clearly.

Today in 2018 nearly most of us have multiple devices like mobile, laptop and even some IOT enabled devices like Tv’s are connected.

Digital Future.

There has been a rapid growth in consumption of internet in our daily life’s. We check our emails, news, communication via whatsapp, messenger have been growing and the cost of internet reducing. Free wifi and hotspots are available at many public places.

The future is digital and we all know that according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) by 2021 nearly 829 million in India will have access to the internet.

We have started using digital wallets, e-banking, e-learning and e-commerce.

Why can’t we use internet advertisement and e-marketing to find more customers?

All over the world billions of users are searching for best search engines and are spending 20% of their time on social media daily. Giving an opportunity for these platforms to monetize the traffic by displaying ads.

digital marketing

Yes, let’s say Hello to Digital Marketing.

Description: Digital marketing is the means of publishing and engaging digital content such as website, landing page, banners, blog, articles, images and videos using the internet.

Converting visitors into a lead is the main goal in the form of registration, downloads, subscription, add to cart etc.

Now you know what is digital marketing. You may ask me,

What is digital marketing better than traditional marketing?

To answer this questions let’s see how companies allocate budget and used it for advertisement or marketing. Ads were published in newspaper, magazines, radio’s, TV, inserts into newspaper and sponsor events.

Now the point which I want to make is

“When using traditional methods the amount spend on marketing and advertising, do not have a proper monitoring. conversion cannot be measured.”

Once done, We need to wait for the phone call, email to come in.

Now lets see how digital marketing would help by using alternate options available in digital marketing.

  • Newspaper | Website, social media, search engine
  • Magazines | Blogs and websites dedicated to a industry.
  • Radio & TV | Video websites and Podcast
  • Sponsor events | Premium listing, advertising on websites.

Ohhh! sorry did I miss mobile platform from the list, yes of course. Mobile apps and SMS marketing provide another channel to advertise. Many users use mobile

Using digital marketing companies can easily take advantage of measuring and monitoring customer engagement and focus on the marketing funnel and target / retarget them on ToFu (top of the funnel), MoFu (Middle of the funnel) and BoFu (bottom of the funnel).

Let’s go by an example. Both the companies had started in April 2017, Company A from Bangalore and Company B from Hyderabad. They manufacture chicken pickle.

Their marketing spend for 2017 in advertisements was $2000USD that’s about 1.2 Lakh INR

COMPANY A: Team of 5 people, 1 for marketing to manage this company and have taken up the digital marketing course for entrepreneurs. They decided to spend all the budget on digital. Marketing and started to work with a digital marketing agency.

COMPANY B: Team of 10 people, 5 for marketing to do traditional marketing and sell them in supermarket and groceries stores. They decided to spend their budget on newspaper and food event.

Work on your personal branding

Be Patient, Work Hard

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