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Good Day, Looking for a digital marketing consultant or SEO consultant to help your business grow? That’s great.

Well, I really understand your need and will help you in growing your business by understanding your business and your customer insight or consumer insight.

Please fill in the form to your left to invite me to your office over a cup of tea & discuss further. Please continue reading some interesting information about online marketing & SEO, which might help you in taking a decision.

My Focus in on Customer Insight / Consumer Insight? 

Understanding today’s digital consumers/customers is the key to online marketing success. Marketing strategy and advertising campaigns need to align with your business customers/consumers need. Giving us a better conversion & better return on our effort. Also, it helps your business gain better ROI and save on marketing & advertising cost, with the targeted approach.

About Me in short

I am Manoj Madhavan Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant & SEO Consultant in Mumbai from Navi Mumbai area in India.

Started my career from the year 2000 in Digital Design, App Development, Online Marketing & Advertising. Have certified from Google & Facebook for Marketing & Advertising. While working I have been the part of MNC companies & agencies helping e-commerce, insurance, fashion, startup clients with my skills. Now I am engaged in entrepreneurship, trainer and consultant since 2017 April.

To know more about me visit my about page.

Ok, Let’s get back & understand the buzzwords.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process to generate traffic by optimizing the website to pull traffic from search engines to your website.

Local SEO is optimizing the website to generate traffic from keyword for local searches mainly useful for business targeting local consumers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term used for online marketing or internet marketing. It’s an activity to generate leads from online marketing with organic or paid methods to display digital content (text, image, video) to consumers/customers using digital platforms.

Later, Engaging with personalized content & more detailed information about the product or service to help consumer/customers relate with them over Social Media, Search engine, Email, SMS.

The power of digital marketing is retargeting the consumer/customer, who have shown interest but have not been converted.

The advantage of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an advanced approach to traditional marketing which is used to reach consumers/customers in this digital world.

  • Digital Marketing helps companies reach consumers faster with digital reach.
  • Business can take advantage of marketing automation to handle larger lead base with fewer resources.
  • Digital Marketing is the cost-effective method if managed with expertise.
  • Organic traffic can generate leads without spending money.
  • Digital marketing is targetable & measurable.

Avoid these points for better Digital Marketing / SEO results.

Business owners like you are always interested in implementing Digital Marketing / SEO for business growth by looking at today’s digital trend. Here is some basic information you should not do while implementing Digital Marketing & SEO for your business.

Always use a set of expert hands and avoid using cheap or non-experienced resources.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Do not engage in SEO activity for a short period, It is a continues process. The search engine algorithm is been updating on regularly and the website needs to be optimized for the changes on regular basis.
  • Never push the team to implement and show the SEO results faster. It takes time for the search engine to validate and reindex changes and display the results.

Digital Marketing

  • Use a digital marketing campaign with two or more marketing strategy to target & retarget. Avoid using a single method like Email marketing, SMS marketing, Paid marketing on search engine / social media.
  • Don’t just look at the leads generated, analyse the data to improve or retarget consumers as your customers might not be ready to buy your product/service right now.

What you should consider for Digital Marketing / SEO?

  • Consider hiring a digital marketing consultant or a digital marketing agency with a long-term contract or on regular assignment.
  • Setup your business goal, which is gradual, actionable & measurable.
  • Create the digital marketing planner as per your goals.
  •  as per your digital marketing planner.
  • Allocate Marketing & Advertising budget and align your resources and digital content to work as per your digital marketing planner.
  • Focus on organic marketing more & less on paid marketing strategy.

Inbound Marketing VS  Outbound Marketing

Organic traffic VS Paid traffic

What is Digital Marketing Automation?

How can I help you?

1. New Business / Startups?

I can help a new business grow by providing right insights & directions to grow business to leverage & implement digital platforms to reach the target customers faster and with affordable cost.

2. Website not generating leads?

If you have a website and no or fewer leads are generated from the website and you don’t have any data about how your website is performing.

I can help you implement necessary modifications to understand and grow your website traffic.

3. Want to market your business product or service to other companies?

I can help your business in promoting business products & business services online to other companies (B2B Marketing)

3. Want to build a Brand?

Branding or Personal branding is to make people know and recognise your product, your service or your business.

I can spread out clear messages with text, visual, video & audio messages to consumers which can help consumers recognize your brand easily among others.

4. Implement technology & automate the business process?

Do you want to get information easily to make a precise decision faster?

I can help with the implementation of technology & automation in marketing & business process.

5. Want to scale your business?

You have the basic business rolling & want help in growing your business. I can help you grow business

Some Facts

Digital marketing / SEO is a skill, not a process. It’s like a salesperson of the store, some are good and convert customers faster and efficiently and other spend lot and fail to convert ending up with no or fewer sales.

A lot of business loose money & time using digital marketing / SEO as below:

a) Unfortunately, some business uses cheap is the best attitude & hire cheap SEO service or cheap digital marketing services and get no or fewer returns spending time and money both.

b) Digital agency or company is less experienced and is a newbie who understands the theory and not practices.

What is my USP?

I am a consumer/customer expert which makes me a better Digital Marketing Expert or SEO Expert. I understand your business customers/consumers requirement & create, design, market, engage, target & retarget them giving.

  • Guaranteed results to increase traffic & increase lead generation.
  • I focus on data-driven technique and implement necessary changes with insights generated from the data.
  • Experienced in Creative design, custom app development, online marketing, advertising & project management.
  • I have data to prove my finding are correct

How does that help me with the freelance digital marketing consultant & SEO consultancy business?

Well, that’s the top secret of expert marketing,

Try my free digital marketing course to get the glims on how it is useful. Also, have personal classroom training for web development, mobile app development, digital marketing course & SEO course.

Developed online digital marketing course for entrepreneurs, with the focus on understanding consumer/customer insights and to convince the audience & convert them faster using digital marketing strategy.

I recommend freshers, job seekers to join the classroom training sessions with a 6 months internship program to understand the theory and have hands on. Companies select entry-level candidates with live experience help in placements faster.

I own a digital agency which provides full-service digital agency right from creative design, app development, digital marketing & advertising services. It also has a web academy to train professionals & students with the basic and advanced level of training with internship & placement assurance.

I also own an Hr consultancy agency focusing entry, mid & top-level job placements in media & engineering recruitments with a global scale developed with my skill in digital marketing & SEO techniques.