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Personal branding for better job and business opportunity

Welcome, Many professionals, startup entrepreneurs, small business owners ask me What is the importance of personal branding?” and “how to build a personal brand?

Let’s see an example.

You are looking for a better opportunity and you get a job call.

What is the first thing you would do?

Search for the company name on google, check out its reputation and use LinkedIn to find the company and all connections in that company. Right?

Now let’s look at the business perspective

“You want to hire an SEO consultant

seo consultant
A digital marketing consultant regularly posts articles on social media and on google while searching for digital marketing or SEO related keywords his articles are on top of search results.

Which SEO consultant would you prefer to work with?
You would prefer to work with the SEO consultant whose articles you usually see on social media and on search results. Right?

Let’s try and recollect something from our past about personal brand.

Do you remember the school days, our parents and teachers tell us about the student who scored good grades in his/her exam? He/She is been referred as the most knowledgeable person in that class.

Ok, the best way of building a personal brand in this digital world is to showcase our knowledge, by attracting people with digital content to remember and refer us to others.

I will explain how it works.

Ok First, let’s understand what is branding?

Branding is the process of creating a unique identity by advertising and marketing a company, product, graphics or statement in consumer’s mind using a consistent theme. It helps consumers remember and establish a strong connection and recognized easily among other businesses.

See how McDonald’s did their branding with signboards. Here is a video

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is an ongoing process to help you to build a brand for yourself by establishing yourself and connecting with other peoples mind in a particular skill and knowledge with your experience. By building a good number of audience connecting with you.

Also known as the personal brand, self-branding, personal marketing or individual branding.

In simple words
“People should know about you and remember you when talking about a particular topic”.

Earlier personal branding used to be a “Business Card” with your name on it. But today with the use of social media and internet usage there is increasing demand of influencers for influencer marketing for every skill and niche.

Two types of personal branding.

Branding with Name: Remember Mr Sachin Tendulkar the famous cricketer, He has been investing and building up his business. Learn more about Sachin Tendulkar’s investment here. He has built a brand with his skill of playing cricket.

Branding with skill: Have you heard about Tanmay Bakshi the IBM Watson guy. At the age of 15, he is already world famous with his IBM Watson skills. Speaker at TEDx.

check out the video.

Why is online branding important?

A personal brand is much more than a trademark. It is your online personality. The Internet is widely used by people around the world to search, read and interact. Social media is playing important role in online marketing and advertising with an average person spending around 20% of their time. Looking for something interesting and engaging.

Why should we leave such a good opportunity, where we can rapidly grow our personal brand with growth hacking on this.

Why build your personal brand?

Building a personal brand will help you

  • Differentiate yourself from other competitors.
  • Build more trust and confidence within your target
  • Get you a better opportunity in your job or business.

How to build a personal brand?

Here are the 5 steps you will have to take to build a personal brand.

  1. The Purpose:

    First Identify the purpose by questioning yourself “Why I want to build a personal brand”, for some it can be for a better job opportunity or a better business opportunity or may something else.

  2. Identify your superpowers:

    Every person has some superpower (strength). It is something you like to do maybe every day, but are doing something else as we get busy with financials.  Ask yourself “What is the best you can do?”.

  3. Create a personal branding:

    Now you know the purpose and your strength, start to build your online personal brand by sharing your strengths with others searching to learn on the internet, video sites and social media. Publish a blog yourself or on leading online publication sites, create a video, host a webinar, participate in groups, forums, chats etc. Try to speak more openly on the internet. Your followers will grow gradually, believe me. Give back to the community by teaching, mentoring and coaching.

  4. Learn from yourself:

    You can learn to be proficient most of the things in 20 hours but it takes nearly 10,000 hours to be an expert. So try learning new things in your interest and be updated about it. You can share your experience online for others to begin.

  5. Network:

    Build your online relationships with your audience and customers. If you have successfully build your personal branding then they would introduce you to others and you will benefit from it.

Key points to remember

  • Personal branding is not about selling. It’s about sharing and training of information, knowledge, tips and tricks.
  • Be consistent. Share more information regularly as you have followers. Don’t leave them in between, participate and engage them on regular basis with the same flow as per your strength and your branding
  • Be responsive. You will get questions, feedback and criticism. Be polite to answer and take this opportunity and engage them with more helpful information.

Conclusion about personal branding

There are many ways you can build a strong personal branding for yourself. In today’s world, internet and social media are used very actively. It is easier to build with effective growth hacking marketing techniques. Social branding is a useful personal marketing technique used by digital marketing experts & SEO consultant for building a strong social brand. Helping them to acquire more customers by engaging them on social media networking websites.

Need more information and help???

I have listed the steps and provided the information required for personal branding. If you are looking for advice or want to learn more about the personal branding.

You can always reach out to me or check out my online training provided on digital marketing course which will help you with a better understanding of digital marketing. Here is the link to the online digital marketing course. It will help

  • beginners, MBA, sales and marketing professionals, it will help you to gain a digital marketing certification with assignments in personal branding for a better job opportunity.
  • entrepreneurs,  to build a personal branding and using internet marketing effectively for your business for maximum ROI.
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