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WhatsApp Business to grow your business.

what’s up, Looking for WhatsApp Business App?

Great News, On 18th January 2018 WhatsApp launched the business version of android messager app “WhatsApp Business” for small businesses for free to download from Android Play store.

History of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp used by billions of people around the world to communicate with friends and family members. Whatsapp allowed individuals to send text messages and images for free. Meanwhile, regular SMS & MMS service provided by cellular companies charged a lot.

New features and updates were added to share locations and contacts. Which made this app more useful for daily use.

Looking at the trends, many small businesses like clothing stores, cafe shops and others started using WhatsApp for marketing and communication with their customers.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp.

Facebook in February 2014 acquired WhatsApp for $16 billion seeing the popularity and killing the competition and staying ahead of the league.

WhatsApp Business App

WhatsApp Business is launched looking at the usage and needs for the business app to keep individual messages and business messages separately.

A free to download android app for small businesses. It makes it easier for companies to connect with customers. As a digital marketing consultant, I can assure you, WhatsApp business will help a lot of small business to send offers directly to their customers and new features will be introduced shortly to buy and pay directly through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp business app features.

whatsapp business profile
WhatsApp Business profile

Business profile: Businesses can create a business profile to describe the business, email, business working hours and website. So when you send out WhatsApp message your customer can see complete details about your business.

Whatsapp Bot: WhatsApp for the business app is equipped with artificial intelligent bots like facebook messenger.

  • Quick replies provide faster response to frequently asked questions about your business.
  • Greeting messages helps to introduce customers to your business.
  • Away messages let the customer know when you are busy.

Business status: Now you can set status message to help customers with important updates and offers.

Message statistics: WhatsApp business provides statistics on the number of messages read when using WhatsApp marketing campaign. Very important factor for business when using bulk messaging.

WhatsApp web: You can now use WhatsApp business on your desktop with WhatsApp web.

Business account: When customers see your message in their WhatsApp messenger they can identify it as a business account. The official website says “Over time, some businesses will have Confirmed Account once it’s been confirmed that the account phone number matches the business phone number.”

Create WhatsApp business account.

WhatsApp Business install
WhatsApp Business Messenger Install
  • Download WhatsApp business app from play store
  • Install
  • Configure with a new number.
  • Once configured setup your business logo and fill in the business profile
  • Now you are ready to go. Both WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp business messenger will work on your android devices.

There are other digital business solution using Whatsapp business app to help customers use them in digital marketing directly from their solution. check out NotifyDesk for more information

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